Frequently Asked Questions

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Registration & Payments

3622 Shannon Road suite 103 Durham, NC 27707
The best way a student can register would be to call the office and pay their $100 dollar deposit and there $21 dollar criminal background.
The student will need to bring social security number and their driver’s license.
Yes every student must meet with an advisor in order to be allowed in the course.
The student will receive a class schedule on the first day of class.
No there are morning and evening classes, the evening class, lab, and clinical will all be in the evening.
We do not offer finical ad to our students we do have an alternative to finical ad. We offer a payment plan for our students who cannot pay the tuition in full.
The student will pay half the amount in beginning of the class, before the student is able to go to clinical 75% must be paid.
Yes you must have either a high school diploma or a GED to be accepted into the academy.
The benefits for taking a CNA course is that a lot of institutions are requiring there students to get their CNA license before they can enter their school. Another benefit is that taking this course will help you realize what it takes to be a CNA and the hard work they put in to helping their patients.

First day

Yes the student must wear their scrubs every day to class.
.The student can purchase these scrubs from uniform junction on Garret road, Walmart, and Amazon. The color that the scrubs need to be are a dark purple.
We prefer our students to get a stethoscope from Amazon.
The students will need to submit a high school transcript or a GED, also the student will need to submit a TB test.
The books for this course are online students will be sent a link after they register.
The student will know who their instructor is on the first day of class or if the instructor emails the students prior to the start of the class.
Yes all students must attend clinicals in order for them to get their certification.
No if a student does not pass a test they are not able to re take that test. We advise all of our students to study and ask their instructor if they need additional help.
Yes students are allowed to come back and practice in the lab as long as there is no other class using the lab. Students must call before they come in the lab, students will need to notify