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Registration & Payments

3622 Shannon Road suite 103 Durham, NC 27707
Registration is done online. First step in registration is to make your payment, you will either pay your full tuition or join the payment plan. After your payment is made you will receive an email with a link to fill out and upload your registration documents. Once you have filled out and uploaded your registration documents you will submit your application and be officially registered.
TB test results no older than 2 years  most recent flu shot Covid-19 vaccination card. Official high school transcript or Official College Transcript (Only if you have graduated from college)  Copy of driver's license and social security card. 
No, we do not save any spots if full registration has not been completed. Any student who makes a payment but has not submitted their registration forms is not enrolled in the class. The only way to be officially enrolled is by making your payment and completing your registration forms.
Students who are officially enrolled in the nurse aide 1 class will receive an email from the administrator Ms. Moriah Thurston with the students' online instructions. That will let the student know their registration has been completed and processed by the administration staff. If a student does not receive that email check your spam folder, if a student does not see the email in the spam, then that will mean the student has not properly completed registration.
We do not offer finical ad to our students we do have an alternative to finical ad. We offer a payment plan for our students who cannot pay the tuition in full. If a student would like to join the payment plan then the student will click the link that is under the full tuition amount and then make the first payment of the payment plan in order to enroll.
The student tuition is broken down in 3 payments of $278 dollars, the student will be required to make 3 payments during their time in the program. The student will receive emails on when their next payment is due and how to make the payment.
No, the nurse aide 1 program does not offer weekend classes. The nurse aide 1 program offers a morning class from 9am to 3pm Monday - Friday and an evening class from 5:30pm - 9:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
The benefits for taking a CNA course is that a lot of institutions are requiring there students to get their CNA license before they can enter their school. Another benefit is that taking this course will help you realize what it takes to be a CNA and the hard work they put in to helping their patients.
If a student joins the payment plan and does not complete the full registration no refund will be given. If a student joins the payment plan and decides to withdraw after the first day or week of the program, no refund will be given. If a student is on the payment plan and the administration staff has to withdraw the student, no refund will be given. If a student makes their full tuition payment but does not fully complete registration and request a refund, the student will receive a partial refund. If a student who has made their full tuition payment decides to withdraw the first day or week in the program, no refund will be given. If the administration staff has to withdraw a student who has made their full tuition payment no refund will be given.
Here are some places that are past and current students have gone to get this information: 1. CVS (Apex) or other areas 2. Target Minute Clinic (Apex, Raleigh Midtown) 3. Any Urgent care (AFC urgent cares are fine as well)
If a student does not have a Covid-19 Vaccination card or there most recent flu shot. Students will need to type a statement, with their first and last names, date of birth, telephone number, and the date the statement is being typed. The student would need to explain why they do not have the covid-19 vaccination or why they do not have there flu shot. The student would then need to go and get it notarized, and then upload the statement in the place of the covid-19 vaccination and flu shot.

First day

Students will receive their uniform scrubs on the first day of in person training.
The only things that a student will need to bring for the first day of in person training would be a stethoscope, second hand watch, blood pressure cuff, a notebook, and pen or pencil.
You can get those 3 items from Walmart or from amazon.com, You do not need to get anything to expensive or fancy.
Each student will be sent their books via email after the student has completed the registration process. The administrator Ms. Moriah Thurston will send an email to the student with a link for the students book. It will be up to the student whether they print the books out or not.
The student will know who their instructor is on the first day of in person training. All of our instructors are licensed RN's who have been working in the healthcare field for over 20 years.
Yes, any student who misses a day of in person lab and clinical's will be required to make up the missed day with another class at a later date. This can hold the student back so we advise that students miss no days of the program.
Yes, students have 2 attempts to pass the quizzes. If a student does not successfully pass with those 2 attempts, then we will allow the student one more attempt at the quiz. If the student fails the third attempt the student will be held back from continuing.
Yes students are allowed to come back and practice in the lab as long as there is no other class using the lab. Students must call before they come in the lab so that we can notify them if there is another class already using the lab.