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Wisdom Health Academy is all about our educator’s career and personal growth. We offer part-time and full-time positions with flexible hours. Our team at Wisdom Health Academy is dedicated to preparing the next generation of excellent health practitioners.

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Well, discover First if you have the PASSION to teach.

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Academic preparation – We offer high quality instruction, individual learning environments, and student attention and support. Skill Development – We prepare graduates to provide safe care, who can communicate and collaborate in a healthcare team. Learning Development – We offer a school conducive to learning, and we will help any student who needs help.
Each faculty member will: Maintain the knowledge and skills in their area of expertise and defined practice. We expect our educators to conduct themselves in a professional manner in all circumstances. Being respectful to students and other faculty members is part of our core values. Creativity when presenting lectures and other assignments. All educators are required to keep classrooms neat, orderly, and able to be used by other staff members that are assigned to share the room. The educators are to conform to professional standards of dress, language, and conduct in accordance with the policies and procedures.
In our courses each faculty member advises students (i.e. guide and/or encourage students), answer any question related to the topic or skill covered. Our educators in each courses spend extra time with students who need it. Our courses are all approved by the State Board. The courses are interactive with the students and gets them engaged in the lecture portion of the class. We add to our courses workshop on personal growth and business fundamentals.