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“I chose Wisdom Health Academy because my life was hectic and busy. I am a single mom so the flexibility of the class helped me be able to still go to work and spend time with my daughter.”

Jasmine Thurston, Student

Who We Are

Wisdom Health Academy was founded by Mrs. Carolyn Thurston, she was inspired to start this academy because of the lack of training that her senior care agency employees had. She wanted to make sure that anyone that represented Wisdom was well trained and prepared to do their jobs. Mrs. Thurston wanted to make sure that anyone who wanted to be a CNA got the proper education and training. Wisdom Health Academy is a state approved nursing school located in Durham, NC. We specialize in nurse aide, and medication administration that prepares our students for a career in the health care industry. We also provide nurse aide refresher courses that allow local professionals to receive the required continuing education course work needed to retain their certification. We offer a nurse aide 1 course, which will help several students get into a nursing school because nursing schools are requiring students to get their CNA license before they can enter the school.

Our phlebotomy course will help students to be well prepared to succeed in a hospital, private lab, or any other facility of their choosing. We encourage all of our students to reach their fullest potential in the courses they choose to take. Wisdom Health Academy is always here to help and motivate our students whenever they need guidance our doors are always open. We define success in the health care field as being prepared, motivated, and having a will to help and care for your patients. Our instructors are very passionate about how they teach their students, they are dedicated to working with the students if they need extra help with the course work or if they just need someone to talk to about the different decisions in their lives. Our instructors are professional Nurses who have worked in the health field for years, they bring their experiences and their love for nursing into the classroom. Our instructors are the best in the business and it shows through their work and interactions with their students.

What We Do

Wisdom Health Academy’s goal is to impart wisdom upon the minds of our students. We are passionate and dedicated to teaching potential students everything they need to know to have a fulfilling career in the health field. The courses we offer are nurse aide 1, nurse aide 1 refresher, phlebotomy, and certified medical assistant training. We want to prepare and train our students in the best way possible so that when they gain their certification, with this certification our students will be able to receive any job in the health care field. We have very diligent and hardworking instructors that will work tirelessly until they know that you have obtained the knowledge and information in order for the students to receive their certification. Our main purpose at Wisdom Health academy is to provide the highest quality of education possible.

Our motto of teaching is that if we can help everyone who comes into Wisdom Health Academy, then they can proceed to help the world. If you need flexibility then Wisdom Health Academy is the right place for you. We have flexible schedules that can accommodate any working individual or a person that is in school. We provide our students with a payment plan in case they do not have the means to pay the tuition in full, we also offer paid internships to our students. These internships help our students to be able to work and pay for their tuition. The paid internships help the students get a more hands on approach and it will also help them in the classroom as well.

We help our students to imagine the different possible scenarios that could take place in a hospital setting as well as any other health care facility. We do this to prepare our students to be able to cope with anything that is thrown their way. We test our student’s ability to be able to work in very different environments because they never know where they might be placed. Wisdom Health Academy is not just a place where you learn it’s a place where you can grow as an individual, it is a place where someone can realize that they were meant to do this, and Wisdom Health Academy is a place where the impossible turns possible.

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Not only do these instructors really push you to give your best in class, education.